Croissants and Jam by Lynda Renham

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Annabel Lewis (Bels) has two days to get to her wedding in Rome but her journey is beset with one disaster after another as fate takes its turn. Will the stranger she meets on the way get her to her wedding on time or will he change her life forever? Come with Bels on her humorous romantic journey to see if she marries Mr Right or if destiny takes her in different direction...


This was the first book that I read by Lynda Renham and it will not be my last! This book has all the ingredients of good chick-lit, the heroine who is a walking disaster, the domineering, uptight fiancé, the best friend and the interfering mother, for whom no one is good enough for her daughter except Mr Right.  It is jam packed (pardon the pun!) with humour and if you want something that will make you laugh your socks off and you are in need of some serious cheering up, then this is the perfect book for you. 

Most of the book was set in England, France and Italy and with some of the descriptions you felt like you were actually right there with them especially in the French countryside with the vivid scenic descriptions that Lynda gives us.

Annabel Lewis is on route to her wedding in Italy but every conceivable obstacle is about to get in her way. Starting off with her flight getting delayed for an annoying, yet handsome, passenger who is late, and then having to make an unscheduled stop in France for a medical emergency, it seems like Bels, will never make it to her very impatient fiancé in Rome. Unless, she takes up the offer of the handsome stranger who offers her a lift. But of course what Bels doesn't know is that after plenty of calamities (and there are a few!) her life is taken in a totally different direction and her love for her fiancé will be put to the test 

This is a wonderful novel full of enjoyable characters and scenes that will just make you laugh out loud.


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