Lizzie Marshall's Wedding by Emily Harvale

Dear Reader,


Can love set you free?

Becky Cooper hasn’t got time for romance. She’s a thirty-two year old widow, struggling to raise her daughter and come to terms with the past, so a man is the last thing she needs.

Her friends disagree, and when Max Bedford arrives in the village, they decide he’s perfect for her; he’s gorgeous, rich and divorced. But Becky’s already met him and feels he’s far from perfect; he’s rude, arrogant and annoying – and anyway, he wouldn’t be interested in her.

To his surprise, Max is very interested in the feisty woman he’s just rescued and whilst he’s not looking for a serious relationship, dating her could be a lot of fun.

When Becky is employed to organise Lizzie Marshall’s Wedding, introducing her to Max’s ex-wife and a group of people whose lives seem even more complicated than her own, she begins to discover she’s not the only one with ‘baggage’
Can love set her free, or will Max Bedford break her heart?


This novel catches up with some of the characters from Emily's first novel, Highland Fling although you do not necessarily need to read them in order. I must say I enjoyed this book even more. I won't go in to detail of what the book is about as it's all mentioned in the book description.
 It was a quick and fun read with plenty going on. Great cast of characters with some laugh out loud moments.
I wasn't too keen on Max in the first book but he definitely came up trumps in  Lizzie Marshall's Wedding
Looking forward to more from Emily Harvale


Kind regards,

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