Highland Fling by Emily Harvale

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Sometimes a weekend can change your life.

Lizzie Marshall left London, and her husband Max, after his affair. But running a B&B in the Scottish Highlands is not as easy as she’d hoped – and using her maiden name doesn’t mean she’s over him.  Max Bedford can still twist her around his little finger – most of the time.
Jack Drake’s getting married in two weeks, but he’s having doubts about his fiancée, Kim Mentor. A weekend in Scotland with five of his friends will cure his pre-wedding nerves – won’t it?
Jane Munroe’s too busy sorting out her friend Lizzie’s love life to worry about her own. Besides, the man she’s fallen for, clearly isn’t interested. Perhaps she should look elsewhere for love?
Iain Hamilton vowed he’d never marry again after his wife’s death, and as a forty five year old farmer, a thirty two year old woman from London is the last person he should be interested in – so why can’t he stop thinking about her?
Highland Fling is a humorous tale of love, friendship and life’s little complications.


This was a warm and witty romance.
The story is mostly from Lizzie and Jack’s point of view, but we do see extracts from the supporting characters.
The novel centres around a stag weekend in Scotland. Most of the characters live in London so the story takes you there, too. Lizzie runs a B&B in the Scottish Highlands after fleeing London when her husband, Max had an affair. But is she over him and advice from her best friend Jane who is unable to sort out her own love life does not help matters. Max wants Lizzie back but she trust him?

Jack Drake is having doubts about his fiancée, especially as he is not sure how he came to be engaged in the first place! but does he love her enough to marry her? So he is hoping that a weekend in Scotland with his friends, will help him make a decision.

Then we have forty-five year old farmer, Iain Hamilton who said that he would never marry again, but he can't stop thinking about a woman from London.

When Jack and his friends arrive at Lizzie’s B&B for a long weekend, love seems to be on everyone’s mind but with plenty of plots and twists, more than one person is in for a surprise.
This is an enjoyable and easy read about a group of people whose lives are closely entwined in ways that they never thought possible.

Looking forward to reading Lizzie Marshall's Wedding which is a continuation of Highland Fling


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