My Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts

My Summer of Magic Moments

Dear Reader,

From the excitement on twitter and reading the book description and let alone the book was by Caroline Roberts, I could not wait to delve in to My Summer of Magic Moments. First I must mention that I absolutely loved the concept of this story and it was so well interwoven in the story involving Claire. The chapters begin with some 'magic moments' from readers of Caroline Roberts and some friends which were lovely and inspiring and related to storyline in chapters.

Claire has been through a tough time of late and is beginning to get back on her feet again after Cancer and chemo and she is now ready to begin a new chapter in her own life and what better way than to escape to a little cottage in the coastal village of Bamburgh. When she arrives to the cottage, she has rented for three weeks, it certainly does not live up to expectations. It is falling apart and the cottage has hardly any of the basics to make it habitable.

Early the next morning she spots a man on the beach from her balcony who is just returning from a swim but he has left all of his clothes on the beach so that certainly has things looking up! As it turns out he owns the cottage next door to Claire. His name is Ed who at first is very aloof and almost abrupt but during the rest of Claire’s stay we get to know a little more about him and he is less stand offish. We discover he has been through his own hardship. He is not easy to read sometimes as he is lovely one moment and distant the next.
Claire is a journalist and through her columns she lets the readers know what is going on in her own life particularly her cancer journey. 
My Summer of Magic Moments is a very special story. Caroline’s characters are both strong and vulnerable that you can’t help but empathize with them. There are some touching moments in the book with Claire’s sister Sally and her family and also with the locals she meets on holiday including Lynda in the shop. Ed is also struggling and Claire is just the person he needs whether he knows it or not.

It is a precious book and is a very enjoyable read. I was thinking of what my own magic moment would be and I think it would have to be curling up at the end of the day with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a good book!


Ailish xx


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