A Little Bit of Christmas Magic by Kirsty Ferry

A Little Bit of Christmas Magic (Choc Lit) by Kirsty Ferry

Dear Reader,

What a gorgeous magical story that Kirsty Ferry brings us, I managed to read this in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. This is book four in the Rosetti Mysteries series.

We meet Ailsa McCormack who is the wedding co-ordinator at the Carrick Park Hotel which as we find out has a fascinating history. A couple have booked the hotel to get married on Christmas day and on Christmas Eve while stopping by the drawing room where the reception will be taking place, Ailsa meets Ed Cavendish. He is very familiar and she presumes that he is one of the guests staying at the hotel but is he? Through Ed and also by a book written by journalist Becky Nelson we learn about the mystery surrounding Adam and Ella Carrick and their sudden disappearance back in 1865, this was my favourite part of the story.

This is a delightful read




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