Lucy's Book Club For The Lost And Found by Emma Davies

Dear Reader,

First I would like to thank both Netgalley and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to review this gorgeous book for an honest review.

Just finished the latest from Emma Davies, Lucy's Book Club for the Lost and Found which I couldn't put down. Such a lovely cast of characters which truly come alive on the page. I felt that I was right there with them. So I am just home!

So let's meet them, first we have of course, Lucy who is the library's temporary manager. She is doing a great job of running the local library. She is in her early twenties and is a very caring person who will go to great lengths to help everyone and we see this especially with the members of her little book group but what about Lucy herself  and her dreams? Will she stop to think about herself first before everyone else?

Next we have Callum, he finds solace in the library away from his family who are nothing like him. He is shy and very unsure of himself. His family have caused his very low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Through the library and especially Lucy and the book group they help Callum gain confidence and help him realise his talents and his true potential.

Lia, is a full time carer to her mother who has dementia. It's just the two of them as Lia's dad left them and she is an only child so it all falls on Lia, who has a lot on her young shoulders. She does not get our much or have time to herself so Lucy's book club gets her out and meet with other people. Lia has a dream we find out which is dancing, steming from her parents who were very talented. Lia feels selfish if she does anything for herself but with a push from her new friends will she take that step to find out who she really is and catch a glimpse of what the future could hold for her?

Hattie is a single mother who is trying to make a life for herself and her little daughter Poppy. She has been unhappy since she caught her ex-fiancĂ© cheating at their engagement party before Poppy was born. Since the engagement party Hattie and her mother have never been on good terms and Hattie does not know why.  As Hattie's sister is getting married there is no better time to start mending bridges and finding out why her mother blames her.

Finally we have the sweet and gentle Oscar, whose beloved wife Mary died a year ago. He is grief stricken. His daily trips to the library gets him out of the house and he looks forward to his chats with Lucy. He attempts to search for his daughter who was put up for adoption when he was a young man. Will Oscar find the courage to go through with it or does his daughter want to be found?

This is a truly wonderful novel. Emma Davies delivers an exceptional tale and what I loved was that it was not just based around the book club meetings but focused on what went on with the characters outside of the meetings and how they interacted.

 I can't wait for the next release!


Ailish xx

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