Christmas at Hope Cottage by Lily Graham

Dear Reader,

First I would like to thank both Netgalley and Bookouture for allowing me the chance to read this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review.

Emma Halloway by no stretch of the imagination has had a tough time of late. Her long-term boyfriend, Pete, ends their relationship which is bad enough  (even though he wears a lot of beige!) but he does so by - wait for it - a post-it but at least he adds that she is out of washing powder too!

Following this Emma is involved in a very bad accident when she is hit by a delivery van who was dropping off a package to her. Due to the extent of her injuries Emma has to leave behind her life in London. She returns to her childhood home in the village of Whistling in Yorkshire, to live with her grandmother, Evie who will look after her.

Emma's family are one of three stalwarts of the community for generations. Emma escaped to London for reasons we discover over the course of the book. She doesn't want to return to confront old family feuds and also envitably bump in to her old childhood sweetheart, Jack Allen. 

Once Emma settles back to Hope Cottage she learns that Evie has taken in a lodger which she knew nothing about. Sandro is a Spanish cook who fits in very well at the cottage. 

Evie and her sisters Dot and Aggie's cooking is very special which runs in the family and the locals benefit from their recipes which Emma is reluctant to believe in. While Jack tries to pick up where they left off,  it is Sandro who helps Emma piece herself back together again. Has circumstances changed everything for Emma and will past family feuds stand in her way?

What a charming and magical tale that Lily Graham brings us in Christmas at Hope Cottage. I really felt for Emma who because of the horrendous accident lost herself completely. Whatever about physically but also emotionally and Lily took us along on Emma's journey to try and heal and mend old scars.

A truly wonderful book and also bringing some festive cheer!



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