Book Review - Homecoming by Cathy Kelly

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Welcome to my first book review blog – very exciting altogether! I am going to start off with a review of Cathy Kelly’s, Homecoming, which I hope you read. I really enjoyed it. Let me know what you think of it.

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Homecoming by Cathy Kelly
Book Details
Paperback; 432 pages
Published September 16th 2010 by HarperCollinsUK (First published 2010)
Source: Library

Home is where the heart is
Four women. Four lives. One place they call home.

We are introduced to Eleanor Levine who left Ireland years ago with just a suitcase and her mother's recipe book. And now, seventy years later, she returns from New York to Dublin's beautiful Golden Square heartbroken after the recent, sudden death of her husband. As she watches life unfold from her window, she is drawn into the lives of the women who live in the square.

Beautiful actress Megan Bouchier had fame and success in her grasp - then she made the wrong kind of headlines and escapes to Ireland to her Aunt Nora (and her 
two dogs, Leonardo and Cici)

Big-hearted teacher Connie O'Callaghan is approaching forty and has given up on love. Why does no man match the heroes in her romantic novels?

Rae is a loyal friend and wife, dispensing tea and sympathy from Titania's Tea Rooms has a long-buried secret which is now resurfacing.

This is such a feel good novel. I love the way Cathy Kelly creates a warm and inviting community in Golden Square with an array of siblings, aunts, friends and husbands that these women interact with. And tying all the chapters together are excerpts from Eleanor’s mother’s journal, a keepsake if you will of lessons on life, pain, happiness, food and wisdom.
While the book if often poignant it is also laugh out loud funny. I enjoyed Connie’s character with Kelly’s description of her ultra-pink ‘boudoir’ with the line “She had three sets of twinkly fancy lights 
over her mirrored dressing table already. Anymore and the room would be a fire hazard.”

Homecoming is a fabulous, endearing read that I found impossible to put down.

Ailish Fitzgerald

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