An English Woman In New York by Anne- Marie Casey

Really enjoyed this book. A charming debut from Anne-Marie Casey. It's almost like a grown up version of Sex And The City.

The storyline grabs you from the first page so that you can't help but get hooked by each of the characters.

This novel revolves around four woman who live in New York.  We have Lucy, Christy, Robyn and Julia. They each live very different lives but they all share one thing - the city that they live in.

 Lucy is the first woman that we are introduced to in this novel, her husband has just lost his job and they have to move half way across the world from their sophisticated life in London to a small apartment in New York or Manhattan to be precise.

Christy is married to a wealthy man, who is a lot older than she is. She wants to get along with her stepdaughter who can't seem to try and get on with her .But when she starts feeling things for the doorman she doesn't know what she wants anymore and starts questioning everything about her life.

Robyn starts thinking that having an affair will be the best thing as her life is going nowhere. Being the wife of an aspiring novelist she decides that having an affair like the rest of her friends would be the right thing to do or would it?

Finally we have Julia, a television writer who is a work-aholic. Having a family is just another part of her life that she hasn't time for. Thinking that her family is better off without her she doesn't know where to turn when her neighbour's dog enters her life. She then starts to re-think what her life has become.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves humour with an absorbing storyline.

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