The Real Thing by Catherine Alliott

The Real Thing (1996)

Tessa is heading off on the annual family holiday to the Scottish Highlands. She discovers that this year, Patrick - the artist she fell for when she was seventeen - is back from Italy. Back then her father, a vicar, had forbidden her from seeing Patrick and she then went on to marry David and have two children. But she has never forgotten Patrick. When David, a Barrister, returns to London early for work, Tessa has an accident and is forced to rest up at Patrick's mother's home. It seems that they may well be brought back together again. As Tessa faces up to whether she's with the right man, she goes from one crazy predicament to the next, with a lot of surprising announcements along the way.

A glorious tale of love with hilarious dialogue.  Really enjoyed this book a great pick-me-up after a stressful day at work! 

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