A Night on the Orient Express by Veronica Henry

Dear Readers,

A Night on the Orient Express, Veronica Henry, book reviewJust finished reading this wonderful book, couldn't put it down, finished it in one sitting. Veronica Henry has a new fan!

Welcome on board the Orient Express!

The famous Orient Express offers mystery and romance, it is the trip of a lifetime. What better way to travel to Venice! Each passenger has their own story to tell and a reason for being there. As the train travels from London to Venice, there will be revelations, drama and unforeseen gestures of love in all its forms. At the beginning of the novel there are many different characters that are introduced. Normally I do not like so many characters in a novel but this works, you get so drawn into their lives. 
Veronica Henry tells four different stories of individuals and families who have their own reasons for travelling in style to Venice.
 Imogen is heading to Venice to collect a painting for her grandmother but there is a surprise in store for her. Stephanie is travelling with her new partner, Simon and his children. It is their first trip as a family but it’s not exactly a smooth journey.  Riley is a successful photographer, who makes the trip regularly with a woman he has loved from a distance. Finally we have Archie and Emmie. Recently, Archie’s best friend Jay died from cancer but before he did, he entered Archie into a competition on the ‘Not on the Shelf’ website, to find his perfect date. In memory of his best friend, Archie takes the prize on the Orient Express where he meets Emmie who unbeknownst to her was entered into the competition by her sister. Each has a great deal of emotional baggage but as they get to know each other there is a connection as they are heading towards one of the most romantic cities in the world. 
There are huge decisions for all of these characters to make and all of their stories are utterly absorbing. 



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