The House By The Sea by Santa Montefiore

Dear Reader,
This is such a delightful novel by one of my favourite authors - Santa Montefiore. This captivating novel follows two stories. The first is set in Italy, and tells of Floriana, who was abandoned by her mother and her journey of falling in love with Dante, the son belonging to a prestigious family. They first meet when she is ten years old. One day Dante invites her inside his home, La Magdalena, and she is instantly captivated by its beauty and from that moment Floriana knows that it is her destiny to be there with him.  Their relationship faces many obstacles including the issues of a rich man dating an orphan girl.
Decades later in a beautiful Country House Hotel in Devon, England, we meet Marina and her husband Grey who are desperately trying to save their beloved hotel from financial problems. Marina decides to hire an artist in residence, Rafa, to attract more customers. Both the family and     the guests fall in love with Rafa who is hiding a dark secret.
The House By The Sea has everything you could wish for in a novel; romance, mystery, intrigue and beautiful destinations with a great cast of characters. This is a book to be savored.


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