Killing Floor by Lee Child

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Started reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. The first book is Killing Floor.
 We meet Reacher for the first time as he arrives in the small town of Malgrave after walking fourteen miles to get there. His anonymity is challenged  when the town has just had its first homicide in thirty years and as he is the only stranger in town, he is hauled in by the police for questioning. The Chief of Police has decided that Jack is guilty. It's Friday so while his alibi is being checked he faces a night in jail with another detainee by the name of Paul Hubble, a banker and they are then taken to the state run facility in Warburton. They are caged with the hard-core lifers. Jack's military background comes in handy for them as he ends up defending Hubble. Earning Hubble's trust Reacher learns that Hubble fears for both his life and his family. He is so afraid he can't give Reacher too much information. Reacher is anxious to get out of the place but then he finds out that the murder victim is his brother Joe and this changes everything.

Reacher knows that Chief Morrison is involved when he swears that Reacher was at the scene of the murder. Banking on the help of Detective Finlay and Officer Roscoe and being the only two people he can trust, they set out to follow in his brother's footsteps to find out why Hubble's phone number turns up in Joe's shoe and why he confesses to a murder that he obviously did not commit.

This is a fast paced story that keeps us guessing until the end. It was a great finish making me want to read more of Reacher's adventures.


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