The Perfect Match by Katie Fforde

Dear Reader,

I am a huge fan of Katie Fforde's so was delighted to read the lastest instalment, a great read though not her best.

The Perfect Match (2014)

Bella Castle, is an estate agent who left her hometown a couple years ago after realising she could no longer watch the man she loved start a family with someone else. Since then, Bella found a great job and a great home living with her godmother, Alice. She has a new boyfriend, Nevil, (also her boss) who Bella likes well enough but of course he can't really compare to Dominic. So then out of the blue who arrives but Dominic to her new town and Nevil starts acting strangely. So can Bella put the past behind her and ask Dominic for help in solving the mystery of Nevil? And more importantly will Bella finally realise that Nevil isn't the man for her? (So isn't!) Katie Fforde alternates between Alice and Bella's viewpoints. It's a good yarn but Bella's naivety was a little annoying at times with regards to Nevil when he was being a pig (excuse the expression!)  


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