A Second Christmas Wish by Kathryn Freeman

Dear Reader,

A Second Christmas Wish, now this is just a wonderful story full of hope and magic that comes with Christmas. Kathryn Freeman once again delivers a truly magical book.

We meet Melissa Stanford who has just come out of an unhappy and controlling marriage  to a well known fashion designer - Lawrence Raven. They have a beautiful little boy, William, who is painfully shy and is very frightened of his father.

Two years after the divorce Melissa is trying to get on with life and she persuades William to have tennis lessons in the run up to Christmas along with his friend Simon in the hope that it might bring him out of himself and make him more confident.. This is where she meets Simon's uncle, Daniel McCormick who is a renowned ex-tennis player due to an injury and he just happens to be drop dead gorgeous! He is the tennis coach. Alice who is good friends with Melissa and Daniel's sister at first warns him off (due to his charming ways)  but as they get to know each other feelings develop between the two and there is an instant connection. But Melissa's past especially her ex-husband is hindering her to succumb to a happy life with a chance to have true happiness with someone she is falling in love with and the chance to be a proper family. I love the relationship that develops between Daniel and William who transforms in this book.

A Second Christmas Wish, is a charming tale that you can't help but fall in love with the characters and want them to have the perfect Christmas that is so deserved. This book is about finding love and happiness and Daniel was patient and kind towards Melissa and his bond with William was so sweet. It is definitely the book to curl up with this Christmas.

Finally I would like to thank the lovely people at NetGalley and Choc lit for allowing me to read this gorgeous book for an honest review.




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