All I Want For Christmas by Jenny Hale

All I Want for Christmas

Dear Reader,

Another brilliant festive read from Jenny Hale and I enjoyed this one as much as the others I have read. Jenny Hale really has a way of bringing across the magic and excitement of Christmas. 

All I Want for Christmas is a charming story about Leah who is a single mother to the gorgeous Sadie and she works as a florist. She is planning on having a family Christmas at her grandmothers house in Virginia but knows that it will not be the same this year as her grandmother has passed away. While still grieving she receives a letter that was left to her by 'Nan' who decided to change her will at the last minute and has left the other half of the plantation to childhood friend, David Forester. Leah's world comes suddenly crashing down. She has not seen David since they were children and she is unsure as to why Nan would do this to her.

Leah has two very good friends, Louise and Roz, who are a great support to her and give plenty of advice on what she should do. While 'The Girls' take care of Sadie, Leah decides she needs to go to Evergreen and meet David to try and figure out what to do next. She is shocked when she realizes that David (who is already living there) wants to buy her share of the plantation and is not willing to compromise. Leah is determined that she wants to have a family Christmas at Evergreen and she moves in in the run up to Christmas with Sadie. What she does not expect is to start warming to David when she gets to know him again.

As All I Want For Christmas starts to unfold we meet more characters such as David's mother June and also someone who was kept a secret for years by Leah's grandmother, Nina.

This was such a heart warming story which displayed the true meaning of Christmas. I love the way the relationship developed between Leah and David and also between David and Sadie. Almost at times I felt that David was a little bit too perfect! but this is definitely the perfect read to curl up with over the season.

I want to thank the lovely people at NetGalley and bookouture for allowing to me to read this festive read for an honest review



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