Never Too Late by Christina Courtenay

Dear Reader,

This was my first Christina Courtenay novella and it won't be my last. I came across this through the fabulous team at ChocLit UK via twitter!

This Regency novella has a bit of everything. We have a likeable hero and a damsel in distress. 

The damsel in distress is Maude who about eight years ago was to elope with our likeable hero, Luke, but certain people vied to keep them apart. So Maude ended up marrying his cousin instead. 

When Maude ends up widowed, Luke becomes the new head of her estate. He keeps her on as his housekeeper but he secretly still desires her but is still a bit miffed over her having married his cousin without knowing the true reason. Maude desires him too, but of course is afraid to say so. But Maude and Luke may have to stop tip toeing around each other and tell each other their true feelings because (this is where is gets good!) someone wants them dead. We have arsenic poisoning, smashing pots, run away carriages, and kidnapping. 

I won't give too much away but this is  beautifully written and once you start reading is very hard to put down. Romance with a little action thrown in for good measure. Could not recommend it highly enough.  


Kind regards,


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