The House in Quill Court by Charlotte Betts

Dear Reader,

Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's the first book I have read by Charlotte Bett's and I must read her earlier books. 
Picked it up in the library yesterday and after have a quick peek while having another book on the go I couldn't put it down!  It is absolutely stunning.
Set in the Regency period of 1813. The plot is exciting and unpredictable with a very clever twist. The story begins in Kent where Venetia Lovell lives with her family. Her father Theo is an interior designer and travels quite a bit. Venetia is an artistic young woman who designs wallpapers while he is away.  During one of her father's trips the Lovell family receives a visit from a stranger - Major Jack Chamberlaine bringing with him terrible news that will affect the whole family. The story interestingly flips between Venetia and her maid Kitty from arriving in London. 

I don't want to give too much away but it is a page turner and a must read! 


Kind regards, 

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