The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell

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The House We Grew Up In by Lisa JewellMeet the Bird Family

All four children have an idyllic childhood: a picture-book cottage in a country village, a warm, cosy kitchen filled with love and laughter, sun-drenched afternoons in a rambling garden.
But one Easter weekend a tragedy strikes the Bird family that is so devastating that, almost imperceptibly, it begins to tear them apart.
The years pass and the children become adults and begin to develop their own quite separate lives. Soon it's almost as though they've never been a family at all.
But not quite.
Because something has happened that will call them home, back to the house they grew up in - and to what really happened that Easter weekend all those years ago


Wow what a book! This was something a little different and completely unexpected. Lisa Jewell is a beautiful writer and she is able to captivate and draw you in right from the start. This novel is about the Bird Family, Lorelei, her husband Colin and their four children - Megan, Bethan and twins Rory and Rhys. They have a seemingly idyllic life in a Cotswold Village. Every year Lorelei arranges a traditional Easter egg hunt but one Easter Sunday a tragedy strikes the Bird family and none of them are the same again.

This is a powerful story and at times heart-breaking. Lisa cleverly switches between past and present with flashbacks over the years of each of the family. The characters are very well written.
The story begins with Megan and her daughter as they return to the family home to sort out the run down house and from there our story progresses. Lorelei is an extreme hoarder that is bordering on the obsessive.

This is a very moving story and I look forward to reading more from Julie.


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